I was pleasantly surprised with Intellitext's level of professionalism and ability to answer my questions quickly. Their focus is on helping the students receive communication access with as high quality as possible. If ever there was a problem, it was from a problem that was out of Intellitext's control, and they still worked with us quickly and efficiently to try and remedy the issue. I appreciate all their help for my students as well as myself. Their quality of work is worth the price, and they are willing to help us in any way they can. Thank you!
~ V. Lynnette Harkness
Deaf Services Specialist
Weber State University
The services have been excellent! We were unfamiliar with remote TypeWell transcription services and the staff was extremely accommodating and attentive throughout the entire process.
~ Sandra Garcia
Interpreter Coordinator
Cypress College
We have been utilizing Intellitext services since the start of spring semester 2011. We have consistently found Randi’s work ethic to be exceptional. Randi and her staff are professional, reliable, and have provided excellent transcription services for our students here at the University of Nevada, Reno. We would highly recommend the services of Intellitext.
~ Mary Zabel, Director
Allison Bussa, Coordinator
University of Nevada, Reno
I have had the pleasure of working with Randi, owner of Intellitext, since January of 2011. Her company has provided TypeWell transcription services for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing attending Western Nevada College in Carson City, Nevada as well as other institutions of higher education in Northern Nevada. Randi is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. She juggles multiple assignments from several institutions while maintaining utmost professionalism.
~ Susan Trist, Coordinator
Disability Support Services
Western Nevada College
I provide forensic evaluations for various courts and require transcription services to expedite my extensive written reports. I had the good fortune of securing the services of Randi Hecht, the owner of Intellitext over the past year. Her response to my need was outstanding....professional, timely and fair.  Her turn-around time is amazing, and she even assisted in some technical aspects in regard to recordings and dictation.  I have referred her to colleagues and will continue to use her services as she is an important component in my practice.
~ Robert Stuyvesant
Utilizing Intellitext's services when I was in college a few years back greatly exceeded my expectations.  In the past, I have dealt with mediocre services but when Intellitext came along I was much happier with the quality, speed, and accuracy of their abilities.  I would not hesitate to use their services again in the future if the opportunity arises.   Anyone should give this company a try and you will be impressed!  Thanks Randi and Intellitext for all you have done for me and allowing me to be part of the classroom more.
~ Jacqueline Tozer
TypeWell user
Working for the Intellitext group has been the most rewarding job experience in my life. As an Intellitext transcriber, I have been able to actively work with and learn about the Deaf community while providing communication access in the classroom. I've also been able to transcribe for and gain information on a variety of interesting course subjects that I would have otherwise never been exposed to during my own college experience. Randi has organized a team of talented, hard-working, and supportive transcribers who are constantly striving to improve their individual skills through continuing education and client feedback. Randi rigorously works to meet both client and transcriber needs, while providing solutions for any problems that arise in a timely and proficient manner. I’m proud to be on the Intellitext team, whose transcription services, professionalism, and customer service continuously surpass expectations.
~ Nyssa Perryman
TypeWell Transcriber