How to change IP address automatically for TypeWell linking

When I transcribe, I use my personal laptop. This means every time I want to use my computer for TypeWell transcription, I must switch from a dynamic IP (shown in network settings as “obtain an IP automatically”) to a static IP (choose your own IP, e.g. When I finish class and want to email the student their transcript, I must switch back from my static IP to a dynamic IP.

Going through the network settings and manually changing IP settings is time consuming, so I created some small scripts that switch the settings automatically. This saves me time when I am setting up to transcribe in the classroom and when I get home and want to use my computer for non-TypeWell purposes.

Download the files here (ZIP).

These files require some minor tweaking to work on your computer. You will only need to do this step once. I will walk you through every step.

First of all, you must pick the correct files. The files are labeled according to operating system (Windows 7 and Windows 8). Pick whichever set of files is appropriate for your system. The Windows 7 files work on Windows Vista. It’s possible that you’ll simply right click on the file and press “Run as Administrator” and the files will work! If you find that the IP address did not change, you’ll have to make a few minor changes in the batch file.

Here are the changes to make if the batch file did not work by clicking “Run as Administrator”. If you don’t know which operating system you are running and don’t know how to find out, I suggest finding a tech savvy friend for the next few steps.

  1. Right click on the file “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader Internet.bat” and click “Edit.”
  2. Under “:: Configuration Variables ::”, you will change “Wireless Network Connection” to the name of your computer’s wireless connection. Leave the quotation marks there. The next step will explain how to find out the name of your computer’s wireless network connection.
  3. To find the name of your wireless network connection, go to your “Control Panel”, then go to “Network and Sharing Center”, and click on “Manage network connections”. The rightmost icon should say “Wi-Fi”, “Wireless Network Connection”, or something similar. Whatever that name is, copy it down or remember it and type it in place of “Wireless Network Connection” in step 2. The name must be spelled exactly how it is in your network connections for the script to work.
  4. Save the changes you made to “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader Internet.bat” and proceed through steps 1 through 3 for the files “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader TypeWell.bat”, “Windows 7 [or 8] Transcriber Internet.bat” and “Windows 7 [or 8] Transcriber TypeWell.bat.” Remember that your transcriber and reader computers may have different names for their wireless network connection. You must make sure the files used on each computer are configured for their respective wireless network connections.
  5. To run the files from this point forward, you need to right click on the file and select “Run as Administrator”. You will not have to go through the previous steps again. A black command prompt window should pop up to automatically execute the commands and change the IP settings. Running scripts like these requires administrator privileges on the computer. If you are not sure about how administrator privileges are handled, talk to your Systems Administrator.

If you link to more than one reader computer at a time, the files named “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader 2 TypeWell”, “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader 3 TypeWell”, etc. are set to change the computer’s IPs to and, and so on.

This post was originally written by Intellitext for TypeWell’s Kyp’s Tips blog. Now that we have our own blog, TypeWell agreed that it would be helpful to post it here, too!